RentacanHokkaido RVrental campany in hokkaido

Hokkaido RVrental campany

  • business hours

9: 00 ~ 18: 00


  • Holiday

Irregular holiday

  • Car model

Camper car big sized:Regard,

Camper car medium sized: Mash,

Camper car small sized:Delica pop-up VAN,

Camping trailer


  • Main facilities

Sub battery

Traveling charging system

FF heater

Cassette gas stove

Back monitor


  • Pet



  • Rental fee

From 10,000 yen per day


  • Here is the point

A rental shop that is safe throughout the country.

Pickups are also OK from New Chitose Airport and hotels in Chitose city.


  • Shop interview

Cleaning of the camper is requested from facilities with disabilities. So, I’m very clean and always have compliments.

If you can borrow our camper, you can contribute to society by hiring people with disabilities.


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