Hakuba Mori no Wasabi Farm Auto Camping Site (Nagano)

Eastern Japan Nagano RVpark


Hakuba Mori no Wasabi Farm Auto Camping Site (Nagano)


Address :

19520-1 Sinjyo Hakuba-mura Kitaazumi-gun Nagano

Phone 0261-75-3355

Website :  http://morinowasabi.com/

Access :

Nagano way
About 50 km from Azumino IC,
90 minutes


(The part of the power supply site is from the middle of March)



Hakuba-mura famous for ski and a snowboard in winter is the nearby location of the nature and the distance naturally in particular in abundant Nagano-ken.

There is how to enjoy oneself each four seasons with spring, summer, autumn and winter. The flower of Japanese horseradish in spring, a firefly in early summer, and colored leaves in autumn.
It’s possible to see North Alps in immediateness here.

A profit experience of Japanese horseradish can be done at a farm.

Auto site, a power supply site, Dog orchid site and Grand ping site can receive camp pleasantly according to the situation.

There are a convenience store, a supermarket and day trip hot spring facilities in the circumference.

A car even puts in the site in by all sites, so the baggage progress is easy.

There is rental of a tent, TAPU and a barbecue set, and there is also sale of firewood.

A charge for smart phone and the home electronics of the rice cooker can be used.

When even preparing the ingredients by a popular Grand ping, empty-handed, you can have time comfortably like a hotel.

TAPU has been established by Grand ping site, so without also getting wet with rain, you can barbecue.