Harunako Auto Camping Site (Gunma)

Eastern Japan Gunma RVpark


Harunako Auto Camping Site (Gunma)



Address :

854 Harunako-cho Takasaki-shi Gunma

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Access :

Kannetsu way
About 20 km from Shibukawa-ikaho IC,
50 minutes


At the middle of April – at the middle of November




“Campsite gentle with small children and family”

A changing a diaper seat is installed, and a restroom is provided by with a wash let and hot water for style milk, and the hot-water supply in a sanitary ridge is free.
A section of kids can be established and do a nature craft experience.
A tour for children is also planned in a morning and nightfall. There is other service which takes charge of children at the time of preparations of dinner and withdrawal.

“AED” (the automatic extracorporeal system defibrillator) is installed in a center house in a campsite.
MEDIC First Aid undergoes discipline of a child care plus (first aid aid to an infant, a baby and an adult) for a staff in a campsite. An international license of Wilderness First Aid – outdoors accident first aid lifesaving way-is acquired.
Even if a child becomes sudden in physical condition badness, you can consult immediately.

The green in the base in Haruna-san and the forest of a water oak of 1140 meters of altitude is an abundant campsite.

To enjoy nature here, while being as natural as possible, installation of playground equipment is held at a minimum. I’ll recommend to take a walk through a trekking course of in the campsite and neighborhood while hanging a hammock and asking voice of a wild bird.

In addition to a usual campsite.
There is a faced campsite with an AC power supply in the camper.
There is also a bungalow.

There are a shower room, a laundry section, rental items and a stand in a center house.

Boat play and fishing can be enjoyed at Haruna-ko Lake near the campsite.
There is a fireworks event in summer.

A hot spring is at 3 minutes by car from a campsite. When a campsite is used, you can have a discount ticket.

An altitude is high and summertime can have time coolly, and is comfortableness, but chill in the morning will be beyond a plain because it’s located in more than 1000 m of altitude.
I’ll also take reliable cold protection in a morning and evening in midsummer.

Pet accompanying is possible in Haruna-ko Lake autocamping place.
A reed (within 120 centimeters) and a gage will be used at the inside of the hall, and manages tightly in the user’s other trouble so that it won’t be.