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Caravan Park Tokorozawa (Saitama)


Caravan Park Tokorozawa (Saitama)

キャラバンパーク所沢 (埼玉)



Address :

1101-1 Sakanosita Tokorozawa-shi Saitama



Website :



Access :

Tokorozawa district retires from Kan-etsu Expressway "Tokorozawa IC", and, immediately. The left side. Just before the national highway 463 Sakanoshita intersection.




Electricity can be used (charged), there is a toilet that can be used for 24 hours, it is an urban type RV park that you can safely anchor in a camping car or in a car trip.


Easy to find location from IC.


There is a bonfire cafe in the facility, there is also a rental of bonfire and BBQ.



We also offer camping car maintenance services.


There is also rental of Akiba-cart which can run on the public road.

If you have an ordinary license, you can take a trip to Kawagoe in 30 minutes.







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