Toya Mizube no Sato Takarada Auto Camp (Hokkaido)

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Toya Mizube no Sato Takarada Auto Camp (Hokkaido)

陶冶水辺の里 財田キャンプ場


Address :

6 Takarada Toyako-cho Abuta-gun Hokkaido

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Access :

Hokkaido EXPWY
About 16km from Abuta-Toyako IC,
20 minutes

At the end of April – at the end of October


The campsite it’s possible to touch abundant nature facing Toya-ko Lake where.
It’s possible to see Nakashima and Usu-zan over the trees , and the morning sun, the sunset and a perfect star which suits a lake, can be enjoyed fully.

Nature can be enjoyed fully at a path in a forest by the waterside.
A canoe experience can be done at a lake.


There are 5 campsites.

・Camper site

You can establish bench table and an AC power supply and spend comfortable time.

・Private site A

A car enriched every each site while reserving the private space put in.
You can spend time.

・Private site B
2 sites become next to each other, and when you can come with 2 family, it’s convenient.

・Open site
A lawn square, a division, that, it was put out, automatic, it’s a site.

・Free campsite
The big balm cricket autocamping place where a car can be parked around the free campsite.


The cottage well-equipped with self-cooking, altogether, 5 houses.
You can have time at a place closest to the surface of the lake.
(for 4- 6 people, Bath restroom, With a kitchen)


There is rental of camp articles.
There are a multipurpose sports square (charge) and outdoors stage.