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5861-2  Takakukou Nasumachi Nasu-gun Tochigi


Phone :



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Access :

Tohoku Expwy

About 5 km from Nasu IC,

7 minutes


Creditcard accepted


Even 3 generation family, a couple and a beginner can enjoy camp easily by various types of site, cottage and Cabin.


The autocamping site lotted in the forest is also relieved at drainage because of the rain well. A rather wide autocamping site is recommended with 2 family.

Please choose the type as a cabin cottage party from a rich cabin according to the style.


With all sites and an AC power supply.


Child’s playground equipment as well as an outdoor hotspring bath and basic equipment in a laundry warm water kitchen enrich.

Hamburger making and a bingo party are held at an event deck with a roof, and even the day when it rains doesn’t make a child get tired.

The popular pretense that a line of a camper can do 100 yen breakfast special in the morning in particular.


Wonderful facilities are complete for a pet companion such as Dog orchid and a cabin with a fence, too.


A craft class on a weekend and the summer holidays in addition hold an event every day.

The contents are also various.

A party rises best on Halloween of October.

It’s most suitable to enjoy with a family and  a couple.


A wireless LAN can be used around the public facilities.


Year-round is open, but there is regular holiday-lessness in January and February.