Introduce ”Koriyama Area” in Fukushima



Introduce ”Koriyama Area” in Fukushima

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Now, we would like to introduce Japanese sensational traveling spots for you.
This time , We would like to introduce ”Koriyama Area”.

The “Koriyama” is an area that includes Koriyama City, Sukagawa City, Tamura City, Shirakawa City, etc. in Fukushima Prefecture. Koriyama is famous as a spot for cherry blossoms, and every year the blossoming season of the cherry blossoms shows lots of blossoming visitors.
The caves are also popular, and you can explore the fantastic caves at Abukuma Cave and Irimizu Caves.

“Abukuma-dou” is a cave in Tamura city, Fukushima prefecture. This cave, created by nature over 80 million years. It was discovered in 1969. In the cave with a total length of 3300m, stalactites boasting various forms of beauty are piled up, and the variety and number of them are said to be the best in the Asia. In addition, the tour route open to the public can go around the cave up to 720 m.

There is “Sukagawa peony garden” in Sukagawa City. It is a garden that has been designated as the only country in Japan as a peony’s scenic spot. Red, white, purple, yellow, pink and colorful peony 290 species 7000 flowers are grown in the garden. There are many peony that can only be seen here, such as varieties that are only found in old trees and Sukagawa over 200 years old, and peony presented from China.

Shirakawa City has “Shirakawa Komine Castle” and “Suiraku-en”. The area around Shirakawa Komine Castle is maintained as a park. There is also a museum where you can learn the history of the castle, and a café where you can enjoy a meal while watching the castle.

Suiraku-en is a garden located in Nanko Park, which is Japan’s oldest park. The area is 24,700 square meters. The inside is divided into field zone , town zone, and mountain zone. You can enjoy the scenery according to the four seasons respectively.

Koriyama City has a hot spring resort called “Bandai Atami Onsen”. The hot spring here is also famous as “Beautiful hot water”. Alkaline ingredients are considered good for the skin.

The Koriyama area is about 3 hours by car from Narita.
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Abukuma-Dou あぶくま洞
〒963-3601 福島県田村市滝根町菅谷東釜山1番地

Sugakawa peony garden 須賀川牡丹園
〒962-0815 福島県須賀川市

Shirakawa Komine Castle 白河小峰城
〒961-0074 福島県白河市郭内

Suiraku-en 翠楽苑
〒961-0000 福島県白河市五郎窪山45−1

Bandai Atami Onsen Information center 磐梯」熱海温泉 旅館・観光案内所
〒963-1309 福島県郡山市熱海町熱海4丁目406

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