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Rental Motor Home Service In Japan near the Mt.Fuji

2015.04.04 Saturday 08:33
    “Holiday Home on Wheels!!” 

    Lets go out on Camping Cars!
    Circle 1:
    OK to Drive with Ordinary License
    Circle 2:
    Expressway charges same as ordinary vehicle
    Circle 3:
    Large size Minivan Category
    The starting point is just 5 min walk from JR Mishima Station !
    The Izu Peninsula, Mount Fuji, Gotenba, Hakone and many other scenic locations within one hour of drive distance.

    Rental Camping Car Service
    Motor Home

    Rentacan Mishima
    Office Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

     About Starting Point and Nearby Attractions
    [Address of Rental Location]
    411-0943 Shizuoka Prefecture, Suntou Gun,
    Nagaizumicho, Shimotogari 80-1,
    Amenity Coop S 203
    (2nd Floor of Convenience Stores Circle K・Sankusu)

    Access by train
    It takes 50 minutes From Shinagawa to JR Mishima Station, by Kodama Shinkansen.
    Our office is 5 min walking distance from JR Mishima Station. 
    The last train bound to Tokyo leaves JR Mishima Station at 22:21

    Access by Car
    The nearest Entry/Exit points for the Expressway are Nagaizumi Numazu Interchange of Shin Toumei Expressway and Numazu Interchange of Tomei Expressway.
    Free parking is provided for one vehicle per car rental.
    Necessary Documents
    On the day of departure, please don't forget to bring the following documents.
    ・Drivers License (for all persons who are to drive the vehicle)
    We acsept only these Licens ( 
    International Driver's Permit must be based on “Convention on International Road Traffic of 1949”).
    ・Any other Additional Identification proof other than the driving license is also required. (Such as Passport, Residence Card, National Health Insurance Card, etc.) 

    Rental Charges
    Weekdays: 13,000 Yen per Day
    Sat, Sun & Holidays: 15,000 Yen per Day

    Peak Seasons (like Golden Week etc.): 18,000 Yen per Day
    Charges for Extra Time (Late Fee): 1,500 Yen per Hour
    # Night 22:00 o’clock is the time limit for returning the rented vehicle in case of one-day rental.
    # Thereafter Late Fees shall be applied
    # For overnight rentals, 24 hours from the time of the rental will be calculated as a single day.
    # Late Fee of 1,500 yen per hour will be applied if the return time exceeds the planned time. If the return time exceeds more than six hours from the planned return time, it will be considered as another full day rental and appropriate charges will apply. 
    # “Peak Season” refers to New Year Holidays, Golden Week and Summer Holidays.
    During this time the prices shall change. Please contact for more information. 
    # When renting the car, the fuel tank will be made full. Customers are required to return the car with a full fuel tank as well.
    (Fuel Category – Regular)  


    Reservations / Cancellations

    For any change in reservation or cancellations, charges will be applied depending upon the time of request.

    15 days prior to rental date: None
    14 days till 2 days prior to departure date: 25% of the basic rate
    1 day prior to departure date: 50% of the basic rate
    On the day of departure: 100% of the basic rate

    Insurance Coverage 

    We are covered by the following Voluntary Automobile Insurance. 
    The compensations will be applicable irrespective of the age of the driver.
    3rd party liability coverage: Unlimited per person (including coverage of Automobile Liability Insurance)
    Property damage coverage: Unlimited
    Passenger coverage: Up to 30,000,000 yen per person
    Vehicle Damage coverage: Up to the actual value of the vehicle.
    (A compensation fee of 100,000 yen will be incurred on the customer)

    In the event of an accident, if the vehicle needs to be repaired, the customer will be required to bear a part of the loss of revenue incurred during repair time, as follows.
    If the vehicle is in drivable condition after the accident: 20,000 yen
    If the vehicle is not in drivable condition after the accident: 50,000 yen
    Details of the Rental Camping Cars 
    Same size of Large-size Minivan Category
    Maker: NATSU
    Model Name: Mash

    Base: Nissan / Vanette Truck
    Sitting Capacity: 6 persons
    Displacement: 1800cc
    Size: Length 487 cm, Width 200 cm, Height 270 cm
    Passenger capacity: 6 persons
    But for sleep-overs: 4 Adult + 1 Child would be ideal

    # Child seat is provided free of charge
    Safety and Comfort features 
    • Car Navigation
    • FF Heater for interior heating
    • ETC module
    • Rare-end Camera
    • Drive Recorder (to keep log of events like accidents etc.)
    • DVD attached LCD TV with Digital Tuner
    Students and persons below 20 years of age are not eligible to rent 

    Recommended tourist attractions nearby “Asagiri Kougen” (Asagiri Plateau) Road Station
    The whole Asagiri Plateau is a famous shooting spot of Mt. Fuji.
    The natural wilderness of the plateau and the splendor of Mt. Fuji very well represent the traditional beauty of Japan. “Tanukiko” (Lake Tanuki)
    Mount Fuji looks over the Lake Tanuki from the east.  The spectacular event called "Diamond Fuji", the appearance of morning sun from the top of Mount Fuji, is a must-see! “Makaino Bokujo” (Makaino Ranch)
    Enjoy butter and cheese making within the wilderness of nature that is a rare to experience in everyday lives! "Fujioyama" Road Station
    Experience the peaceful expanse of rural landscape along side the Mt. Fuji.  Numazu Ko (Numazu Port)
    Satisfy yourself with the market gourmet at the treasure house of fish –the "Numazu fish market"  Kakitagawa Yusui Gun (Kakita River Spring)
    Snow falls and rain waters on Mount Fuji go underground and gushes out as spring water from several places. Tens of such springs of different sizes can be found around this area. Koibito Saki (Lovers Point)
    Lovers Point where 250,000 people visit every year  Dougashima
    Very recommended for sightseeing by pleasure cruise and experiencing the Dougashima Tensoudou (Skylight Cave) hot spring  "Kaikoku Shimoda Minato" Road Station
    Near the Shimoda Port which is famous for the largest amount of catch of Kin Medai (Red snapper fish) Japan. And of course highly recommended for raw gold !! Kawazu Sakura
    The Kawazu cherry blossom with large sized flowers and characteristic pink color. The best time to see is from early February till early March!

    Merits of “Rentacan Mishima”
    Clean and Beautiful Interior
    The clean and beautiful interior offers a homely relaxing environment.
    Equipped with original seat cover, bed sheets and curtains.

    (Note: Some of the models are not equipped with these accessories)
    Equipped with Air Suspension for comfortable ride
    All our Models are equipped with air suspension in order to offer a smooth ride. People on the rear seat also can ride with comfort.
    Cars with special safety considerations
    The cars are equipped with powerful brake pads to offer extra strong braking even on downhill roads. It is safe even for someone driving a camping car first the time.  
    Come Empty handed
    No need for any special preparation, as we also offer rental of sleeping bags and outdoor equipments. 
    We can also recommend lodging places or arrange tour around Shizuoka prefecture.

    Q: Can I drive the rental car with a “Ordinary” Driving License?
    A: All our vehicles can be driven with an “Ordinary” Driving License.
    Q: Are pets allowed in the car?
    A: No, you cannot bring in pets in the vehicle (as of January 2015).
    Q: Where can I park my own car?
    A: Parking space for one vehicle is provided free of charge. (But the customers are advised to park their vehicle at their own risk and responsibility).
    Q: What about the expressway charges? 
    A: It is same as that of an ordinary car.
    Q: Given the size, is driving of difficult?
    A: Though it looks big because of its height, it can take rather sharp turns. Most of our customers are driving the rental camping car for the first time. But they say that though initially they were a bit nervous, they soon got over it and felt comfortable.  
    Q: Can I cook inside the vehicle?
    A: No.

    Reserve by Telephone or our Web site
    Access the homepage and fill up the reservation form.
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